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We take referrals from local commissioners and families

 We currently offer the following services as part of Cedar Court


Transitional services

Cedar Court offers service users varying styles of accommodation. This allows each person to both develop their own level of independence and also experience different types of living environment dependent on assessed need. As the persons needs change, alternative types of accommodation and support can be developed and provided.

Placement reviews will be carried out every 6 months and clients may be offered other opportunities according to availability, preference and need. All of the accommodation types are fully supported. The different types of accommodation are explained below.


Residential Rooms 

Cedar Court is a CQC registered residential care home and is currently rated ‘GOOD’ in all areas. All of our accommodation is single and as a minimum has an en-suite. The rooms are attractive and light with furniture provided, but service users are free to bring additional furniture and items to personalise their rooms.

In this type of accommodation the staff team provide all cleaning and general washing. Service users are assisted to manage their own personal laundry and engage in meal planning, shopping and preparation.


Supported Flats

Individuals have the opportunity to experience living in their own flat whilst still being able to take full advantage of the programme of activities offered, together with the centre’s assurance of 24-hour care. All flats come under the umbrella of Cedar Courts registration.

These environments are often preferable to some individuals who require their own living spaces to enhance their placement. This allows for people to choose when they socialise with others and provides the option to have an area, specifically for their own use.

This enables those seeking to enhance their independent skills to equip them for a less supported situation for the future.

Individuals will be encouraged and supported, while living within their own flat, to prepare many of their own meals and to keep their flat clean and tidy and cultivate their activities of daily living skills.

In this safe and supported environment they can explore whether this is a future lifestyle option for them, without committing to anything more permanent. A key element of this is learning to direct others to deliver the support they need, whether with a personal care routine, keeping the flat clean or cooking a meal.

The variety of residential accommodation will help individuals with complex needs to make more informed choices about their future living preferences. For many, it is only by experiencing these life styles that they can fully comprehend what each choice actually means and feels like. We therefore see these experiences as essential to the transitional process.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the services we offer please contact us using the details on the ‘contacts’ page.

Local Authorities and Health currently commission all placements at Cedar Court.